Saturday, March 5, 2011


I learned this week that it is possible to grow enough grain to feed a family, a flock of hens, and a manageable yard full of livestock on a quarter acre. We have more than that in lawn, and plenty of room to spare.

Ok, I know—the fact that we have space for grain is no assurance that we will actually plant it, weed it, harvest it, thresh it, store it, grind it, and use it as we should, but the fact that we COULD is exciting.

The video above interests me. I can just imagine Jasper Jules, B.G., and Fenway doing this work. Heck, we might even need a couple of cattle to add extra threshing power! Missy, I think, is exempt—with her hind end weakness, she'd drag the chain gang down.

The sad thing about this plan is that Mr. Fenway Bartholomule, in all of his rotundity, shall have no grain. We need pasture and a hay field, for a truly self-sufficient life with livestock, but to feed ourselves and our food-producing animals might be a good first goal. Fenway's hay can continue to come from the shop, for the time being, or from the neighbors when the season's right.

(Now, not to mislead you, and in the interest of disclosure—we're nowhere near eliminating store-bought groceries. It's just that we would like to be. It's a good dream, and an exciting one.)


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