Saturday, March 5, 2011


I thought I was being all sneaky and everything by wearing these funny big round horse boots. No one could possibly suspect, I thought, that it was actually a mulish mule leaving those ol' moon-shaped tracks. Sneaky Fenway, I thought. Aren't I clever, I thought, tricking people like this.

Then FarmWife showed me my tracks, and pointed out that my ovalish back feet couldn't possibly be mistaken for horse hoofies. Turns out everyone knows I'm a mule, 'cause for every round print I leave there's another spade-shaped one beside it.

Next time, I'll wear boots on all fours. And BACKWARDS! That will confuse them. They'll think they're following a horse going west, when really it's an eastbound mule they're after. Ha!

Ehhhh . . . .

Oh, dear.

FarmWife just pointed out that once they find me, they'll know the truth for sure. It says it on my browband.

Ah, never mind. Stealth is for dummies, anyway. I love celebrity life, and it's not so bad if everyone knows The Muleness and where to find it, right?


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  1. I never knew your feet were any different from anyone else's. Now I'm onto you ;)


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