Saturday, March 19, 2011

Special Friends by Marnie Jones

When you met Luke you made a friend to keep through thick and thin—
Devoted, yes, and pretty too, but prettiest within. 
You made a friend who loves the world (but loves you most, you know),
A friend aburst with joy and care, with love that overflows. 

When you gave Cole a warm, safe home for which he needn’t run,
You shared with him a newfound joy—the joy of being loved. 
You taught him that his inner worth is greater than his speed,
That friendship, warmth, and company are all one really needs. 

What stroke of luck, that Cole should find himself in such a place?
With such a dog as Luke around, to help unlearn the race!
To teach him, as such hounds must learn, that homes can be enjoyed.
To show him play, and confidence, and how to go outside.

What blessing you bestowed upon these cherished, gentle souls!
The both of them so full of heart, sweet Luke and quiet Cole.
Dear Cole, aloof and elegant, a prince among mere hounds—
And Luke, adoring playmate! Luke, whose goodness knows no bounds.

You thought perhaps to get a dog (and then to get another) 
To make your lives the richer, then to get dear Luke a brother.
Just as they’ve enriched your lives and blessed you with their caring,
So you’ve blessed them with rich, full lives—made better by the sharing.

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