Monday, March 21, 2011


My Easyboot gaiters, which were held together by little bits of neoprene and embroidery thread and some patched-on bits of nylon automobile seatbelts, are no longer held together. They're in a number of pieces. FarmWife's repairs, which are ordinarily so spectacular, have been a complete flop with this particular product. New gaiters are required!

FarmWife needs to A) sell my Easyboot Bares, which will allow her to fund the replacement of my Easyboot Epic gaiters, B) sell a poem*, or C) sell my Wintec snaffle bridle. I'm taking offers! It's in good shape, it's sold sans bit or reins, and it's been touched by a star. $25 and you, too, could own a piece of history. Black, beta, horse size, regular cavesson with an aftermarket leather flash attachment added (optional). For another ten bucks, we'll throw in a 5.5" stainless loose ring french link snaffle. 

The other problem is that FarmWife now has a new, favorite tack store. This is why she's not to upset at the thought of selling my snaffle bridle—you see, they have one there that she'd rather have, anyway! She'll save up for it. It's lower priority, since I do my trail riding in a bosal anyway, and my hoof boots are the first thing to get straight. 

I, on the otherhand, have very few wishes. Hay. Grass. Carrots. Strap goods? I could take 'em or leave 'em. That's one of the best things about being me, Fenway Bartholomule. 


*a few new sample poems have been posted to, and additional samples are coming this week! Keep an eye out!


  1. Howdy, I am new to the easyboot idea. Can you put them on feet with shoes? Or are they only on barefoot?
    We want to trail ride and these boots are a new concept out in the Ozarks.

  2. Ruth, I use Easyboots instead of shoes. If you have correctly fitted boots, you shouldn't need shoes—good on the pocket book, and great for hoof health. Fitting is very important, but if you can get the right fit then they're just as secure and more comfortable than a steel shoe.


  3. Fenway, tell FarmWife that Gretchen Fathauer "natural" farrier extraordinaire has part of her website devoted to a hoof boot exchange service. I myself have both sold and bought various hoof boots and accessories including gaiters and shims. People list and then contact each other directly. I have found prices to be extremely reasonable. here's the place to copy and paste in your browser:


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