Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look at the dam wall

This has made the rounds of the internet before, but I just learned of it today. I thought it was bad having goats in my shed, goats on my fence, goats in the manger. The friendly folks of Diga del Cingino, Italy, however, have an even worse infestation. 

See the dots on the dam wall? 

My first thought was, "dots? What dots? Those little things?"

My second thought was, "Dear Lord! Dead wildlife! Poor innocent lives!"

Turns out they're not dead. They're just goats, and they've managed to get themselves where only a goat would. 

These are European Ibex, and they climb the wall in order to eat lichen and moss and to lick salt from its surface. 

I'm lucky, I guess—I get my salt from a selenium rich block that sits next to my hay pile. Santa Claus replaces it for me every other year. 


Fenway Bartholomule


  1. That.is.crazy! I can't believe they can climb that...crazy goats!! ;)

  2. OMG, Fenny, this makes me shiver just thinking about it!

  3. Oh yes! I've seen these! And even though it's not as death-defying-appearing, that last shot is my favorite!

    I cannot fathom how those guys are staying up there, though.

  4. OMG thats truly amazing and very scary - I hope they don't ever fall.

    Your Fren,

  5. I can kind of see how they could get up there... but how the h*ll do they get back down?!


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