Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm "cowy," alright.

I have a very clear concept of the Control and Direction of Livestock Animals. FarmWife is almost certain that that makes me half quarter horse, though half quarter horse equals one eighth horse which is the furthest thing from the truth of the matter, which actually puts me at one half horse! It's a matter of some debate around here, I can tell you! In any case, reprimanding the goats when they've graced us with less than stellar behavior is one of my favorite things to do, and on our ride yesterday I had occasion to do so.

You may recall that Jasper Jules came along on our trail ride yesterday, which was all good until he saw a logging truck coming. FarmWife was prepared for this possibility and held us both steady on a wide part of the road, so no misfortune befell us. We're all well-practiced with traffic, and FarmWife was masterfully vigilant about our safety, but Jasper's reaction AFTER the passing of the rig was less than exemplary. He RUSHED past me, and RUSHED down the hill, and RUSHED towards home until he came abruptly against the end of his leadrope. Too much Rushing! Really! I did not approve. Not one bit.

This is me telling him, in no uncertain terms, that Rushing was NOT ACCEPTABLE.

This is Jasper Rushing. 

This is me telling him exactly what I think about his Rushing. 
And here we are, friends again. 


  1. MULE AND GOAT?!?!?!?! I'll have to come back to comment after I finish squeeing. It may be a while.

  2. Did his rushing cause Farmwife to be pulled from the saddle?


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