Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If wishes were horses—

—we'd all have plenty of compost.

If I stumble upon a couple grand tomorrow, I'll first attempt to return it to its rightful owner. When the rightful owner turns out to be a generous mondomultigazillionaire who tells me, "thanks, but please keep it," (because this is a fantasy, after all, so why wouldn't s/he?) I will then jet on down to Madras, Oregon, and blow my money at the Small Farmer's Journal Horse Drawn Equipment Auction. What a lot of beautiful equipment—and not just horse drawn, really! I'll bet I could find a dozen hand tools Mat and I would enjoy using around our ever-improving farmlet.

After that, I'd use the remaining $501.56 to order 33 yards of crushed concrete, delivered. (Prices are up since 2009, when I got the same load for $285, but such is life).

Finally, I'd retire to my home which would magically have all new windows, a metal roof, solar panels, a water collection system, and a fresh coat of exterior paint.

Yours daydreamingly,


  1. i love day dreaming and i think it is an important part of being human.
    i hope your dreams comes close to your reality with or without the mysterious money guy/gal.


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