Friday, March 18, 2011

He Doth Protest

Jasper trailing behind. 

Jasper in quiet contemplation of a Precipitous Slope.
Jasper looking like he needs a real halter. He's outgrown his old one! 

FarmWife and I had a gloriously warm, brilliantly blue, fabulously sunny morning yesterday. With the smallest human at a friend's house and the others at school, it was an unprecedented opportunity. Not only did we seize the day, but we seized the goat, too! FarmWife felt that Jasper Jules needed a distraction, as he's become increasingly bored and restless in his solitary turnout. (He bullies his mother and sister when he's in the group and pines when he's alone.) FarmWife says, "a tired goat is a good goat," and also that we should fitten him up (fittify him?) so that he can carry my dinner and her tent if and when we ever go camping together.

As you can see in this brief clip, Jasper Jules whinged a bit about being made to go out. He perked up, though, and stopped maaaaing eventually. We had fun, I think, and I know FarmWife felt like we were a lovely spectacle.

We'll do it again. Perhaps it wasn't a joyful excursion for young Jasper, but it was at least a character-building one!


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  1. This is too cute! I would have loved to see the three of you along the road/trail somewhere...too funny!!!


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