Monday, March 14, 2011

Competing hobbies

FarmWife has another hobby besides blogging and muleback riding (shocking, I know!). Unfortunately, she says I cannot participate in it with her because of Loudness.

I know something about Loudness. Do you remember The Bray of Wonder?  Loudness is OK with me.  I thrive on it.

Nonetheless, FarmWife says I wouldn't like the Loudness that goes with her other hobby, which involves one of these:

But I say she must take me along on her target practice outings, and that I promise to stay safely out of the way while she demonstrates the voice of this strange little machine. 

She says only maybe, and possibly someday, and certainly not right now, and only with these in my glorious auricles:

On second thought, those look awfully uncomfortable. I'll just stay home. 



  1. Ozzy doesn't mind the loudness of those things and I'm trying to find a way to incorporate them into our lives. Poor guy... heh heh heh.

  2. Fenway, if you get used to the Loudness you and Farmwife could both compete in a wild West Mounted Shooting competition :-)

  3. My daughter just tried mounted shooting and got such a rush!!


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