Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back Country Horsemen

This is not the backcountry, but it is nice.

We've thought it over and decided that the Back Country Horsemen's Association is worth joining, even if they reject the commonsense notion of renaming themselves "the Back Country Horse- and Mule- and Donkey-Men's and Women's Association." They keep trails open, clean, safe, and accessible for equestrians, and they fight for the right to ride and to preserve open space. Hikers, cyclists, conservationists, and farmers should thank the BCHA (the BCHMDMWA), for the land they help protect is a gift to all.

Some links for your edification and enjoyment:

Back Country Horsemen of Washington
Back Country Horsemen of America
Whatcom Chapter
Skagit Chapter

Off my soapbox now . . . and good thing, too! I don't know if it can bear my ample weight much longer.


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