Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baa baa rainbow sheep!

♬♪Baa baa rainbow sheep, have you any wool?

Yes Fen, yes Fen, two bags full. 

One for your FarmWife to knit ear nets for you,

One for the fillies to play with after school,

Baa baa rainbow sheep, thank you for the wool!

It's wonderfully fuzzy, splendiferous and cool! ♪♫

This fleece was a gift from the ewes at Wind River Woolen in Wyoming. I saw pictures of them wearing it, then pictures of them next to it, so I'm pretty convinced that they actually grew it themselves. A miraculous thing!

FarmWife is excited about processing the wool from start to finish, and has a friendly neighborhood mentor to help her with the tools and skills. The outcome may be a woolen ear net, if I'm lucky, or at least a needle felted donkey or two if FarmWife's spinning doesn't go as planned. Either way, there are warm, fuzzy adventures ahead!

Thank ewe,



  1. Wyoming Rocks, Fenway!
    Farmwife loves mules, wool and guns... we specialize in ALL those things. You guys need to make a roadtrip. Hit Wind River woolery... come over the mountain and see Junie. Better yet - ride to the top, and Junie and I'll meet you up there! We'll come down on our side! (oh, the photo ops!)
    Here's offering a place to stay on the west side of the Winds. (Wait! Wonder if we should start at Mule Days in Cody... what's your father's day weekend look like?)

  2. That's awesome! I'm not sure what we're going to do with our Alpaca fiber yet once our boys are sheared - I think we'll at least have it sent off to be cleaned. Are you going to totally process it yourself - like tumble it, wash it, spin it, card it, knit it? Can't wait to see the finished product!


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