Sunday, March 27, 2011


Here's the thing that's happening next weekend: FarmWife is leaving me. Grampa will come to the farm, though, so that will be good—he doesn't understand the finer points of equine obesity, and might through plaintive braying be convinced to hand over a second dinner flake.

FarmWife is taking FarmHusband with her, and they are going away for two days at a fancy inn. This is because they have been married for seven years, which to me seems silly because they have been able to spend about 2500 happy days together in those years. What's two at an inn, really, when you could be at home scraping the mud off your mule together?

Seven years, two days, one lonesome mule. FarmWife has been my woman for about two years, now that I think of it, so I think we should celebrate by taking a trip for seven days. We can leave Grampa to take care of FarmHusband.



  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. haha love your idea about leaving Grampa to take care of FarmHusband!!
    Please pass along a Happy Anniversary to FarmWife!!!

  3. [cough] Pride, I think FarmWife will be taking care of FarmHusband.


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