Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pin the Tail

Two big things happened today—firstly, DSL came to Wickersham! We have said our last goodbyes to our tired old wireless aircard, and are now surfing at blazing speeds. Can you tell? Does my blog seem zippier today, or more invigorated?

The other thing that happened was Weanling Human's 11th birthday party, which was celebrated with cupcakes (I didn't get any); pizza (I didn't get any); party favors (I didn't get any); and a rousing game of Pin the Tail on Fenway Bartholomule. I got a flake of grass hay and two buckets of tepid water, as usual, but I did appreciate their attempt to somehow include me in the festivities. We had fun.




  1. Very perky! Who drew that tailess picture of you - it was VERY GOOD!

    Your fren,

  2. Got a kick out of this :) Your weanling human is adorable. Whoever drew the picture is very good at mule legs and heads.


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