Friday, February 4, 2011

North Mississippi Donkey needs help!

Click the photo above to enlarge—it's a screen capture of a Craigslist add from  The poor critter needs someone . . . preferably, someone with a safe fence, a vet, and a farrier! 



  1. How sad!!
    Did you post this on Facebook?
    There must be someone in Mississippi that can help this poor critter.

  2. That makes me so sad and angry at the same time. I hope someone takes the poor guy in :(

  3. Yeah, FB it. If 52 TBs in Ohio can be placed in a week*, well, one poor little donkey ought to be no trouble. What a darling boy.

    *maybe? See Fugs.

  4. My first donkey (Corky) was a similar mess when I rescued him from a wealthy, but stupid man. I think animals that are saved from such fates as this poor fellow's turn out to be great and grateful companions. I sure hope this one finds a compassionate informed new owner.


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