Sunday, January 16, 2011

Up at Dawn

FarmWife and Weanling Human were up at dawn with a clever scheme to squeeze in a trailride before the rest of the family rose. Luckily for them, "up at dawn" means up by 8ish in a northwest January! I breakfasted at 7 and and was out on the trail by 8:30, by which time the larval humans and FarmHusband were awake to see us off. The pouring rain was enough of a deterrent that they were happy to let us slip away unaccompanied.

Clover, FW, WH and I rode up yonder mountain, the former riding in FW's coat until we'd passed Eagle Village. Once away from the birds of prey, she was set free. It turns out that she is a good trail dog—ranging ahead, but not out of sight, and stopping for a quick visual check at every bend. Staying on the trail. Avoiding hooves. Listening.

FarmWife and Weanling took turns riding me (thank goodness they know better than to clamber up double! I'm small!) whilst the other walked, and there was pleasant conversation all around.

By the last leg of the ride, we were all wet. All but Clover, that is—covered in polar fleece, she'd managed to avoid the worst of it. In the spirit of camaraderie, however, she plunged boldly into the Samish Headwaters for a quick swim. She paddled in brisk, merry circles, whilst a frantic FarmWife contemplated leaping in after her. FarmWife was not so much concerned about Clover's swimming ability as she was about the weight of her coat! Luckily, mini-me managed to stay afloat (and well), climbing out sodden and heavy. FW removed said article, and found that, wet, it just about outweighs its wearer.

FarmWife resolves to take Clover swimming soon, as the dog shows an aptitude for it. Next time, we'll leave the clothing at home.


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  1. Even when wet, polar fleece will insulate. It does that because by design the fleece has air pockets built into the fibers. Because of this design the coat acted like a floatation device for Clover! I think she was probably better off in the cold water WITH the fleece coat. It was sort of like wearing a wet suit.

    It took me a moment to realize Clover was in that beautiful picture! What an amazing and lucky dog. Not many of her breed get to have these kinds of adventures.


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