Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ode to a Tractor Guy

This poem is dedicated to Mr. S, our friendly neighborhood tractor guy. He cleaned out a very deep goat litter bed today, and accomplished in half a morning what FarmWife could have done in many, many, horrible hours of backbreaking labor. We are grateful.

Ode to a Tractor Guy

You rumbled up the driveway on your trusty green John Deere;
We brayed to you—we brayed, and thanked our stars that you were here.
You moved a layer of bedding that was filthy, and was deep—
Your words were kind, your tractor strong, your fee not one bit steep! 
FarmWife and I, we noticed that there was a yucky odor,
And yet, without complaint, you dug right in with your green loader! 
You pulled a post that had been set as firmly as a stone,
You moved, like feathers, heavy muck that must have weighed a ton. 
Your wheels, they churned. Your engine purred. You glided back and forth,
And while we watched you moved the straw that had been such a scourge. 
You made a tidy compost heap some distance from our shed,
And left a clean, expansive space where goats may make their beds.
You scraped the floor, now sandy smooth, and left it fresh and clean.
Oh tractor guy, oh tractor guy—we thank you brayfully! 

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