Saturday, January 1, 2011

Longing alternative

FarmWife went sledding at Mt. Baker with her human family today. She saw a man skijoring with his huskies, and it stirred her heart.

I could do that. I have a harness (different kind, but surely workable!), I have enthusiasm, I have tenacity and a tolerance for cold weather! FarmWife says, "now, Fenny, we haven't time for a new hobby." I say, "now, FarmWife, galloping through the drifts beats grinding round the track."  If she wants me to burn calories, I'd say slogging through a frozen wasteland would do it!

Here, for the curious, are skijorers in action. (Note that these movies were selected quickly and are not neccessarily the best representations of the sport—FW is rushing me tonight!)

Canine version:

Equine version:

Your fleshy friend,



  1. My friend skijor's her draft - a mule would be a very stylish mode of transportation!


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