Friday, January 21, 2011

I am the only animal blogger in the family.

Photo: Paisley, who models better than he writes.
To those who have asked whether B, Harriet*, Clover, Paisley, Townes, Desmond, B.G., Missy, Jasper Jules, or the chickens will be starting their own blogs, the answer (respectfully) is no. At least not, says FarmWife, until they learn to type.

If this spawns any worries about the permanence of MY blogging endeavors, shed them. I am yours forever.

Finally, please note that FarmWife does post her own thoughts, albeit intermittently, at Most of them are about me, Fenway Bartholomule.


*You may remember Harriet's abortive attempt at blogging last year. She turned out not to be nearly as clever as me, but by appropriating her blog for my poetry I facilitated her respectable resignation. 


  1. Harriet was great, I wish she was back for more.

  2. Yes, possibly Harriet could be a guest blogger once in awhile. Or Paisly. Beautiful picture of the dog, too :-)

  3. Fenway, please drop by my blog for a surprise.


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