Sunday, January 23, 2011

An honor and a privilege—the Stylish Blogger award

Photo courtesy Juniper Burro of

I am honored recently by being recognized as a Stylish Blogger by Sheaffer the donkey. I could not be more tickled, for not only does this grant me the acknowledgement I so obviously deserve but it also awards me the privilege of nominating my own hoofful of favorite bloggers!

Sheaffer, thank you for this esteemed nomination. In accordance with the contest rules, which state that I must share seven things about myself that my readers may not know, I offer a twist: three and a half things about me, and (for her devotion to typesetting and transcribing obligations) three and a half things about FarmWife. They are as follows:

1) I grind my teeth when I am waiting for a meal. FarmWife has asked me to pinky swear that I shall not develop ulcers, to which I respond that I have no pinkies.

2) I can be sent on down the trail with a "walk on" and can wait, up ahead, with a "whoa" and a "stand." This is helpful during such activities as trail clearing or passing through complex tree falls.

3) I toe out considerably. I am still, however, perfect.

3.5) I am half as tidy now as I used to be, as I have decided to move my manure pile inside the shed during inclement weather. I still keep it organized and off to one side.

4) FarmWife has an irrational love of graph paper. I, on the other hand, can't touch the stuff without getting it dirty.

5) FarmWife once met Cass Ole, the horse who played the Black in Francis Ford Coppola's production of The Black Stallion.

6) FarmWife hates colas (e.g., coke or pepsi). When she drinks them, she feels as though her throat might close up. I, on the other hand, never turn down anything sweet.

6.5) Half of FarmWife's free time, at least, is spent in admiration of me, Fenway Bartholomule.

Now, I'm graced with the opportunity to pass this esteemed award on to additional bloggers of my choosing. I must begin with Bif, of He's a happy chappy and a robust boy, like myself. He always has something clever to say, and much of what he says is about his hearty appetite. I like that about him.

Secondly, I recommend to you the inspired musings of sweet Juniper, a beautiful burro from the wild blue yonder. While she's a bit behind on her posting, she never wastes a word. She's pretty, too, though I wouldn't want to let my darling Katie Scarlett hear me say so! Check Junie out at

Next, I bestow the Stylish Blogger award upon Upupaepops of While the blog never mentions equines, per se, it does cover the wild and wonderful beauty of the Pacific Northwest—something that equines are great at reaching, seeing, and tasting. If you ever wondered why we love this wet, green corner of the world, Upupaepops can tell you.

Speaking of wet, no one forecasts the weather like Cliff Mass! is the go-to place for the whats and whys of Northwest weather, and while it has nothing at all to do with mules it has everything to do with what to expect during a Washington muleback ride!

If you want something silly, irreverent, and random, nothing beats Careful—you might wet your pants. I hereby bestow the Stylish Blogger award upon Allie, who draws worried dogs better than anybody.

Also in the humor vein, is some pretty silly stuff. It's run by a stylish blogger with a penchant for goat humor, and I approve. After all, if you can't laugh at a goat, what can you laugh at?

For notes from the farm, can't be beat. Intelligent, entertaining, and packed with insight, beauty, and sweetness—kind of like a mule, now that I think about it.

Finally, for the crafty set we recommend Don't let her scare you—no one that creative could be real! She's probably an android, but a mulishly accomplished one.

Ears to you, Sheaffer, for the honor of this award. May your days be hayful and your spirit brayful.

Your stylish friend,
Fenway Bartholomule


  1. Congrats Fenway! I ALSO have presented you with the Stylish Blogger Award! Go to for more info!

  2. Congratulations, Fenway. And thank you for the honor! I love that picture in today's post, by the way.


  3. You deserve it Fenway. How many mules write as well as you? None, I say! You are on my shortlist for this award, but I see you've received it twice, so I'll bestow it upon another in your honor. :)

    The picture you posted is everything I feel about horses/donkeys/mules/burros/ponies/mini's in a nutshell.

  4. Thank you for the mention, Fenway! I'm so glad you liked the photo! Margaret and Jane - thank you - the humans and I love that pic as well - it does indeed sum things up. I think we titled it "the meaning of life" or some such. Interesting thing - this is from the first summer that I allowed humans to touch me at all (I was not born a "domestic" creature, you see..) but as you can tell this Girlchild won me over. Girlchild's mother thinks I'll pull a tire in harness like Fenway this next summer, but I'm content grazing and doubling as child bed. (what else could a parent want?)

  5. Just found the blog. Love it. <3


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