Friday, January 28, 2011

Evil tires, evil vegetables.

I changed my mind yesterday. Instead of carrying FarmWife and Clover up the mountain, I told FarmWife that I wanted to do her a very special favor—I wanted to show her that I could pull the tire about my pasture with poise, confidence, and cucumber-coolness.

She harnessed me, affixed my homemade singletree, and hitched the tire up behind. I walked. I trotted. It was glorious! I cantered a little. (Whoops!). Then I composed myself, and decided that I had not died, and all was well. I walked some more, and trotted, and was generally composed and agreeable.

FarmWife unhitched the tire, unharnessed yours truly, and offered me a celery bite. I was so startled by its unpalatable taste that I spooked, whacking my head on FarmWife's knee. PUBLIC SAFETY NOTICE: CELERY CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH. Luckily, it was not a hard whack, and it was not FarmWife's touchy knee. We're unscathed, and we've made friends again. The reunion involved a carrot—undeniably the best member of the vegetable family.

All in all, my day was not bad. The upshot? We now have a great deal more confidence in my future as a primo, #1 driving mule, and a great conviction that celery will not work as a mule reward.




  1. Celery? Just say no! I can't imagine Mother offering such a thing. She tried home made popcorn the other day... uh, no.

  2. I love that tire monster picture! And I agree with Bif - just say NO!

    Your fren,

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