Monday, January 10, 2011

Eagle infestation

"What do you say, Ralph—you
wanna take the left ear?"
"Sure, Wilma—you take the right!
Beat's having salmon again."

We seem to have a bit of a bald eagle infestation in Wickersham right now. FarmWife and I counted 47 on our ride yesterday . . . in the first ten minutes, after which time we got tired of keeping track! They are EVERYWHERE! I know, I know—majestic splendor, freedom's pride, yada yada yada. Frankly, I find them unnerving, the way they stare disapprovingly down from every prominence. Not only is FarmWife's little dog the eagle equivalent of a Hungry Man dinner, but my beautiful auricles would make delicious ear-kababs. Winged predators give me the heebie-jeebies, and I spent the first half of yesterday's outing spooking at them.

Have you ever heard a pair of eagles chit-chat? Of course there's the keening cry that we're all so familiar with, but it turns out that they chirp, too! Sort of a "twitter, twitter, chirpity cheep cheep," if you will. Like a cockatiel, but louder. FarmWife finds it amazing and beautiful when they go about twittering in our ears, but I disapprove. It's noisy, and it's frightening.

FarmWife says that a healthy predator population is indicative of a thriving ecosystem. I say that birds are meant to eat seeds and fruits, and that any bird who relishes mule meat is unwelcome in Wickersham.

How about you? Any eagles in your village? Any opinions on the matter, or suggestions as to how to keep them from frightening me with their silent swooping and noisy chatter? I need a shoulder to lean on, 'cause these darned birds are making me crazy.

Your beleaguered friend,
Fenway Bartholomule


  1. No eagles out here but the coyotes are troublesome.

  2. PLEASE keep your little dog safe from eagles and owls. They can and do attack small critters. Best thing to do is leave small dog safely at home if you are venturing into raptor areas. I have seen a kitten carried away by a red-tail hawk which surprised me, I didn't think hawks preyed on baby cats. At any rate - any carnivorous birds are likely to think your small dog would be a rare treat so please keep the dog safe! BTW we have pygmy owls living in our old barn AND as well a small active bat colony which keeps mosquito population down so far as to be pretty much nonexistent. Have "seasonal vultures" who arrive simultaneously with grass seed harvest here, to avail themselves of a multitude of rodentia displaced by combines.

  3. We have LOTS of eagles in the San Juans. They are known for the occasional snatching of house cats and wallet-sized dogs. They land in our horse pastures and bathe in the ponds! Don't worry... they won't eat your ears and you'll soon be used to them. But I would keep an eye on the dog!


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