Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Does this sheet make my butt look big?

Saturday, the snow fell. Sunday, it was just right for a frosty ride: not too heavy, not too slick. Crunchy, but not so much as to be hard on the hooves. Icy, but not so much as to be slippery. FarmWife and I got a good hour in, and the footing was nice. We picked our way carefully on the paved road, walked boldly on the gravel roads, and trotted in places where tree cover lessened the depth.

Monday, vehicle traffic had compressed the snow into icy sheets. We passed on riding and instead I was invited on a hand-walk to the salmon pond. The larval humans requested a ride, but FarmWife and FarmHusband denied them out of consideration for everyone's safety. I focused on the safe placement of my feet, and we arrived without mishap.

I have a few general observations to share on the matter of snow and hoofies:

1. Easyboot Epics are great in the snow. Good traction. No balling.

2. Vaseline really works. If you are dealing with snow balls forming in bare hooves, slather the soles with vaseline before venturing out. Repeat several times weekly or as needed.

3. Nothing as pretty as a fresh, clean hoof. A ride in the snow is one way to scrub 'em! My back feet (bare during my ride) looked as fresh as a baby's bottom by the time we got home (though, to tell you the truth, I'm not so sure what's fresh about THAT. Babies poop all the time!).

Until next time, may your weather be mild and your footing secure.

Ears to you,
Fenway Bartholomule


  1. No, the stripe pattern is slimming. But if it had run the other way .... yowza!

    just brayin'...

  2. Uh, it could be in a more flattering pattern... However, you still have wonderfully charming and sexy ears, so I wouldn't worry about it.

  3. Fenny—
    Ummm, it does. Fenny Got Back!

  4. I think it looks lovely! and I adore the bosal!!!

  5. I don't think it makes your BUTT look big... umm, maybe a little more forward coverage would slim the entire package =D

  6. Ah, Fenny. Um. How to be diplomatic here. How about: Dear Fenny, for the fluffy physique dark colors are an excellent choice for appearing slimmer. Stripes are not necessarily advised for those who do not wish to draw attention to their admittedly adorable booties.

  7. This makes me want a mule in the worst way...


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