Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chihuahua Love

Before there was Clover, there was Duke. The Duke of Wickersham, to be exact—a handsome fawn chihuahua from the other side of the tracks. He's a dapper lad of nearly three, neutered (as all the best gentlemen are), and polite in all company. It was no surprise, then, that FarmWife labeled him Second Best Chihuahua Ever and invited him and his family to join us for a doggy playdate at Bent Barrow Farm.

Duke came bearing gifts—a lovely little satin-lined peacoat for his pretty lady! He even went so far as to include a romantic little note (though the elegant script gives me some suspicion that he was aided by the opposably-thumbed). I hope he won't mind if I lay his love bare for all the world by quoting him here:

"My dearest Duchess of Wickersham,

Please accept this humble gift as a token of my courtship. I hereby welcome you to the noble court of Wickersham, and wish to express my delight that you have so graced us with your presence.

Eternally yours,

The Duke."

Ears to love, and to dogs in clothes, and, most especially, to you.



  1. I only "discovered" you blog yesterday and now I'm hooked. It's clever, original and it makes me smile!!! I've recommended it to other longear lovers too. Great job!!!


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