Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A B question

Queen Elizabeth II

Speaking of my housemule, B, there is this mystery:

Our neighbor, the Chicken Lady, announced today that she is in the market for a queen and four pounds of B's. I'll bet my B weighs about five pounds right now and, unlike some of us, she can't stand to lose much weight.

My first question: how on earth is a real queen going to fit in in Wickersham? We have no drum horses, no limousines, and certainly no castles!

My next question: where is the Chicken Lady going to find an even smaller minimule? Assuming that by B's she means several (that is, plural—more than one) they can't top two pounds each. That's pretty darned tiny.

My third question: Why "B"? Can't you pick a new name? I can think of 25 other letters that would do nicely, and that's without even deviating from American English.



  1. I would highly recommend encouraging the Chicken Lady in her quest, Fenway; the Bs she is seeking are capable of manufacturing something golden and absolutely delicious. There will be so much of it she will certainly share with you and you will be immensely pleased!

  2. Yes Bs are very industry... very busy!


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