Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anyone take their little dog riding?

Dog helmet and photo by Zoomer Gear

FarmWife lets Clover join her on muleback these days. Doesn't bother me, and Clover seems to feel secure and restful tucked hands-free into FarmWife's coat (or custom-made apron, as it were). She wears polarfleece, since she's not exercising and might be the chilliest of the three of us.

FarmWife thought of getting her a little helmet (after all, she herself would NEVER ride without one!) but then she thought it might be more cumbersome than helpful. Your thoughts?

FarmWife feels safe taking Clover on me, though she wouldn't do it on a less predictable mount. Such a small dog mustn't fall any distance, but no one ever falls from me. I am dependable.

Ears to you (and puppy ears, too),

Fenway B.


  1. Oh Fenway-
    That's so sweet that you let Clover come on rides with you and Farmwife. (I think a dog helmet might indeed be cumbersome.)

  2. Yes! My JRT, Morris has been riding with Badger and I for 7 years, since he was 7 weeks old.

    They like each others company!

  3. Year before last at Northwest equestrian center's Spring Fling event derby and schooling show, i saw a woman do the hunter pace course with her jack russell terrier.... he actually rode behind the saddle! She had an extra-long saddle pad (like a western-style wool blanket, folded over) so that he had something to grip to as he balanced on her horse's back just behind the saddle. It was amazing! Apparently, Fox Terriers were originally bred to go fox hunting on horseback with their masters!! The hounds would chase after the fox, and when they found its hole, the hunters would send the terriers down the hole after it.

  4. I just bet you are a dependable,predictable and trustworthy mount!

  5. When my Lab was a tiny puppy, I'd shove her into a messenger bag and take her trail riding (on my dependable gelding). When she got bored, she'd squirm and I'd let her down. When she got tired, she'd sit down and bark at us, and my friend would hop off his horse and pass her back up to me. It was really tiresome and really, really sweet.


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