Sunday, December 5, 2010

Toujours Dans Mon Coeur

I've been told that my name—Fenway Bartholomule—is as splendid as I am, and I dare say it is a fine moniker. Still, though . . . I have a friend whose name is FAR more romantic. Boyfriend Chant du Coeur  has a sophisticated, continental feel to it. I've tried experimenting with variations on the same theme . . .

Fenway Canto del Corazón Bartholomule?

Fenway Coeur Vaillant Bartholomule?

Fenway Belles Oreilles Bartholomule?

Fenway Petit et Beau Bartholomule?

Fenway Doce Anjo Bartholomule?

Kind of a mouthful. Perhaps I should keep the romance languages out of my business and leave it to Bif to woo the masses with his sensuous identifier. I am a straightforward mule, and my name tells it like it is. I am Fenway. I am a Bartholomule. I am just right, and good enough just as I am. 

Ears to you,

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