Monday, December 20, 2010

Tags from Fetching Tags/Collar from Blocky Dogs

All those sleepless nights spent lying awake worrying which article of tack to tag—halter? Collar? Snaffle bridle? Harness? In the end, the folks at Fetching Tags intuited my need and sent FOUR tags for yours truly! Amazing. They're spectactular, and while our photos lack pizazz (every goat wanted to be first), the tags certainly don't. Thanks, guys—you make me feel special!


Paisley—one sandwich short of a picnic (in a good way)

Jasper Jules—garden tool

B.G.—ma petite chatte

Missy—Empress of all the light touches

Fenway—ears to you!

Collar by BlockyDogs

Thanks, Fetching Tags™!

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