Friday, December 3, 2010

Short, Dark and Handsome

Before FarmWife found me, Fenway Bartholomule, she was a horsewoman. Not just a horsewoman, but a sporthorse fancier. She liked her horses athletic, fancy, and tall. She once told a friend, in fact, that with her height she would look ridiculous on anything under 16.2.

FarmWife's favorite mare, a thoroughbred, stood a robust 17.1. Her favorite gelding, though less substantial, still measured a decent 16.3. If she had made a shopping list before buying me, her list would have said "one sane, sound gelding, 16.3 or taller."  As a tall young woman, she once suffered from the delusion that she would be best suited by a mount of about 17 and a half hands.

Now, I like big mules as well as the next guy. There is nothing so spectacular as a rippling mountain of equine magnificence, and nothing so good at getting a heavy job done as a great big pair of draft animals. I, however, am not ashamed by more modest stature. At nearly 14.1 hands, I am strong enough to carry an adult and handy enough to navigate tight spaces. I fit in normal trailers. I duck under logs. 

The funny thing is that FarmWife might have been embarrassed to ride me if she had measured me first. She didn't measure me until well into our first year together, though, and by the time she learned the astonishing truth about my height it was too late. We were in love.

I can carry her, and carry her well. I can even carry her husband, who stands a good four inches taller. I am mighty. 

I am Fenway Bartholomule, and there's more than enough of me for this job. 

Ears to you,


  1. Good things come in small(ish) packages.
    You are mighty Fenway! (mighty cute) :)

  2. Fenway, you are mighty indeed! I salute your might. I really do.

  3. FenBar what you lack in height, compared to sporthorses, you more than make up in cuteness, intelligence, and overall adorability. <3

  4. I was just like Farmwife before meeting Bodhi. Now I love the compact fluffyness that is my very mulish haflinger.

  5. Fenway, I am fairly tall like Farmwife but find that I have always preferred horses 15.3 or under, and really would just love to have a large pony. For me, the small ones have always been the most honest (and of course, the ones with the most muleness!). You represent the little guys well!

  6. FenBar you seen to be the cure for a bad day. A friend of mine was having a rough day and I said "Would a picture of a mule help?" and he looked at me funny but then I showed him the picture of your compact wonderfulness and he felt better!

  7. Dear Fen, Farm wife had no way of measuring your best feature when she first met you. AS it turned out, she quickly realized that you are just as big as your heart, and that is why she loves you so. There is nothing small about you! Hugs from the girls, Sue


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