Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just a Guess

It's too early to call it yet, but early predictions show that Clover the Chihuahua is poised to snatch the title of Best Dog Ever in her tiny, adorable little jaws.

I am swept off my feet! Every quality that a dog should have is here, and in spades. She's attentive, trainable, athletic, active outdoors, quiet indoors, mannerly, and social. She likes other dogs, welcomes my friends, and enjoys the company of men, women, children, cats, goats, mules, chickens, and rabbits. She barks little and growls less. Though she will defend the door against intruders, she's easily quieted with a word. She's clean, she's cuddly, and she's equally comfortable in a lap or on the floor.

In terms of more tangible features, she's my perfect dog: short-haired, glossy, full-tailed, well-conformed, prick-eared, muscular. The vacuum loves her—after the trauma of cleaning up after big, fluffy, white Paisley all these years, Clover is a breath of fresh air with her teeny black hairs.

It's early days, but I may be a chihuahua convert. I hope so . . . if this is my new favorite breed, the future kibble bills promise to be very manageable!


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