Saturday, December 4, 2010

FarmWife's Clever Redirection

My dear FarmWife was stricken with the fresh desire to buy something pricey for me yesterday, and with her budget being what it is I urged her to reconsider. I am but a humble mule, and I have but humble tastes. I don't need a personalized Rambo Newmarket fleece cooler to make my life complete, though I'll accept one gratefully in future (Santa? for 2011, please note that I wear a size 70). For now, I don't think the timing's right for an acquisition of such expense.

I counseled her, and we settled on a new plan: She would order some Borrowed Freedom Holiday Horse Treats,  thereby contributing to the fullness of my stocking and the continuation of BFEAT's funding, and direct the rest of her consumer longings into the creation of something beautiful—something homemade—something free. The end result was this beautiful beaded browband for my snaffle bridle, which will look rather a lot nicer when photographed outdoors, with a proper camera, on my shining and noble brow. It's an improvement over the tacky faux-diamonds that came with the item, and not a penny was spent on the upgrade.

As for me? I'm just fine in my Weatherbeeta Landa, thank you, and my material needs are few. I have hay to last 'til Christmas and visions of horse treats dancing in my head.

Ears to you,


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