Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dog business

Allie at www.hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com could not have more perfectly captured the facial expressions and thought processes of Paisley (left, with the grin) and and Story (right, with the anguish) if she had known them personally. So what if Paisley is a fluffy white shepherd and Story a little red heeler—the basic vibe is PERFECT. This illustration perfectly describes our former canine family.

As you may recall, we came to the decision to "rehome" Story after about 14 months of trials and tribulations. She was an unhappy dog—afraid of dogs, cats, rabbits, children, goats, mules, chickens, and men—and wasn't getting the focused, safe socialization that she so desperately needed in this busy home. We got a very happy update recently—her new mom, a trainer and devoted dog lover, has been helping Story grow by leaps and bounds. Story now enjoys the company of other dogs in a safe setting and participates in group sports and classes. She looks wonderful. Meanwhile, our home has been much happier without the submissive urination and defensive nipping.

In the meantime, I have come to love Paisley more than ever. He'll have been with us for nine years this spring, and in all that time he's never done a single cruel, short-tempered, or dangerous thing. Every mistake he's ever made has been what we call an "error of enthusiasm"—a rocketing leap, a vigorous greeting, a bounding rush. He's never made an enemy. He's never been unkind.

So what if Paisley's brain is full of numerals and bumblebees. I love him more for it.


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