Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Calendar update

Here's the deal, folks—I promised FarmWife I would sell all of my bumper stickers and magnets before the holidays. It was a condition of being allowed to drop some more dough on calendar printing, and unfortunately I did not meet my goal. Funds are tight at Bent Barrow Farm, and stocking calendar inventory has proven to be beyond our means this year.

HOWEVER, I have some gorgeous images and some very mulish design ideas—and I would still like very much to make a 2011 Brays of Our Lives calendar before the end of 2010. I can do so with Zazzle, an online company whose custom calendars are quite nice. The advantage to me with this method is that there is no upfront cost. The disadvantage is that I cannot afford to keep the 2-for-1 pricing promise that I made to those kind individuals who submitted calendar images.

I will spend the rest of this week tracking down these folks and inquiring as to their flexiblity on this matter. Once that's settled, I will polish my design and get it to Zazzle for printing. I promise a calendar link within 7 days.

Thanks for your understanding, and EARS TO YOU!


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