Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bent Barrow Haiku (5 of 10)

A good sort, a dear—
I, Fenway Bartholomule,
Am really quite swell.

Jasper Jules, a tool?
Yes, rather—but a nice guy,
and a strapping one! 

B.G., dear loud girl—
chatty, insistent talker—
you ever shut up?

Missy, you're not tall!
How did these two monsters spring
From your little womb?

Braver than a goat,
Smaller than a rex rabbit.
Not a rat; Clover! 

Vacuums tremble at
Paisley's approach. Dust bunnies?
More like dust bison! 

Coming tomorrow: Harriet, B, Townes, Desmond, and the chickens!

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