Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You Can't Beat Quality—a product endorsement

A couple of years ago, my FarmWife (who looooves animal clothing) ordered me a super-cheap, $25 rainproof quarter sheet. You know, the bargain basement, bottom end quarter sheet—the one she could afford.

It was a TERRIBLE mistake. The thing fit like a glass slipper on an ugly step-sister. Crinkly, wrinkly, bumpy, lumpy, flippy, flappy, lousy, mousy thing. We couldn't bring ourselves to keep it, and promptly asked for and received a refund.

Today, thanks to the generosity of HaHaHorses and KBC Intl., we have received the gift of a small, FenBar-sized gold-striped Rambo Newmarket fleece quarter sheet. It is STUPENDOUS! Thick, fuzzy, warm, beautiful, heavy, and tailored perfectly to my short but ample frame. Nothing could be more suited to a blustery November day, and I promise you photos before the week is out.

FarmWife has been taught a lesson—you can't beat quality, and you can't expect the $25 quarter sheet to do the job of a brand name product. If you don't want crap, don't buy crap. Wait, as her friends so kindly advised her during the harness-saving project, until you can afford what you REALLY want.

It is for this reason that I now assign FarmWife to the task of saving for next year's Rhino Wug and Rambo fleece cooler. My old Weatherbeeta will do the job until then, and I believe that the Horsewear Ireland (including Rambo and Rhino) products are worthy of me, and I of them. They are of mulish beauty, mulish quality, and mulish resiliance. I endorse them with all of my noble and capacious heart.


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  1. My goodness but you will be a handsome and well dressed mule. We LOVE the Rambo Newmarket fleece cooler (in blue), and the Newmarket sheet in grey is on the shopping list. In fact, those Rambo Newmarkets are so bee-u-tiful, I think it would be nice to buy the entire wardrobe and keep it clean and fluffy and bright in the tack trunk, and just take pieces out to snuggle with.


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