Monday, November 8, 2010

This crazy week

Here is FarmWife, who always wears her helmet.
Too bad she wasn't wearing it when she smashed into Jasper Jules the other day.
FarmWife, who has a concussion and a 27-item to-do list, needs my help. She has had a headache since Friday's headbonk, and now she's dizzy, nauseous, spaced out, and generally less-than-mulish. I had hoped to use today to tell you why you mustn't call me fat, and to tell you why FarmWife is allergic to flashlights, and to tell you why FarmWife relies on my ears (which is really part of the flashlight story). Instead, I will use today to say, "rest, FarmWife. Rest, then clean the house and mow the lawn."

Tomorrow, "Why You Mustn't Call Me Fat—a lecture in five points."



  1. um.... if FW is actually feeling nauseous along with those other things, perhaps she should go get examined by a human vet. Jules might be making her brain leak, just a little. That's not good...

  2. I also agree that a human vet visit might be in order, if she's still not feeling herself after so many days. Tell her to take care of herself!

  3. Hope your Farm Wife is feeling better - I agree with the others - a visit to the vet is in order.

    Please tell her next time she feeds in the dark - the helmet is a MUST!

    Your fren,

  4. Yes, FarmWife, please see the human vet. Being sleep especially isn't good after serious bonk. p.s.: Fenny looks v. handsome even covered with mud.

  5. Echo Doppler and I agree wholeheartedly. Please go see a person vet.


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