Thursday, November 4, 2010

One year in retrospect

One year ago, I posted a video online of myself riding down the road, singing a happy tune to the rhythm of Fenway's clip-clopping hooves. Who knew what it would lead to?

11 months ago, Fenway had 36 fans on his fledgeling fanpage. Today, he has 845.

10 months ago, I used my nimble fingers and opposable thumbs to help Fen launch Brays of Our Lives. I was guessing that the world was ready for Fenway, and that they would love him as I do. Today, he's had over 70,000 site visits from friends in 18 nations.

Six months ago, I leaked to the world that I was dreaming of training Fenway to drive. Today, he happily skids tires in the pasture and ground-drives down the road with a clattering travois. Next step: a cart, which is blossoming on my mechanic/inventor/father's drawing board.

Five months ago, I was given an incredible, gorgeous harness—a gift from Fenway's readers. Today I have the prettiest piece of tack I have ever owned AND a mule who has happily added pulling to his repertoire!

Four months ago, I was glad to learn of the launching of a new magazine on local food, farming, and gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Today, I am honored to be among Grow Northwest's regular contributors and have been lucky enough to write and photograph for every issue.

Three months ago, my mule miraculously and totally rebounded from a serious mystery lameness. He paid for his own x-rays, selling $380 in poetry in 24 hours. Today, he's sound as a pound.

Two months ago, I wondered if a stranger—a gifted artist from Wales—would ever do a story with me. Today, the first edition of our book is on the printing press.

One month ago, I wondered if my goat would live. Today, she's out in the field browsing with the herd.

2010 has been good to me. You have been good to me, too.


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