Monday, November 29, 2010


Tanner, who wouldn't be rushed

Shorty was FarmWife's first pony of her very own. He taught her how to post, how to mount, and how to avoid getting wiped off on low-hanging branches.

Panda was FarmWife's first "big horse." He taught her how to jump, how to ride with two sets of reins, and how to stop a runaway.

Fahrenheit was FarmWife's first thoroughbred. He taught her that no amount of schooling will force a square peg into a round hole, and that some horses need to stay with what they're good at.

Duracell was FarmWife's first eventer. He taught her that horse dealers lie, that pulling on the reins never resolves a conflict, and that there's nothing quite as exciting as galloping bareback and bridleless.

Painter was FarmWife's first stallion. He taught her that within every stallion there's an even a better gelding.

Tanner was FarmWife's first PMU horse. He taught her that progress is fastest when you're in no hurry.

Jack Vance was FarmWife's first friesian-cross. He taught her that there is no way to get the perfect pulled-mane look without actually pulling the mane.

I am FarmWife's first mule. I've been teaching her that the most important measure of a ride is whether we both had fun.



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