Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jingle bells, Jasper smells, Feather laid an egg

Actually, Feather did no such thing. Neither Feather nor her companions in wings have laid a thing this autumn. (We are down to 14 hens, as the humans have recently euthanized poor, blind Violet. That is a sad story for a different time. The remaining chickens, between them, have laid a total of one egg during the month of November.)

Back to my original point, though—jingle bells! I've got 'em! Many, many thanks to Mary Ellen from New Jersey, who, in sending them, indulged me in one of my favorite holiday fantasies. She has contributed greatly, I'm sure, to the general good cheer in these parts. My neighbors cannot help but enjoy the sonorous tone of my passage!

I'd like you to know, if you're of a traditional school, that I am aware these bells are being worn "wrong." They have since been adapted to fit, and I promise that you shall see them draped correctly around the entirety of my capacious barrel at their next appearance. This image, and the linked video, were taken on day one when we were simply too eager to wait. I wore them about the neighborhood, and they were good.

Ears and jingles to you,

Fenway Bartholomule


  1. Fenway-

    Please post video when you make your jingly holiday rounds :)

  2. Oh Fenway, you are such a wonderful looking mule! And now you make such wonderful music too!


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