Monday, November 15, 2010

An Invitation

I, Fenway Bartholomule, cordially invite my friends to join me for an evening of caroling and hot cider in Wickersham, Washington, on the afternoon of Sunday, December 18, 2011.

That's right, folks . . . 2011. I'm talking 13 months from now. 

A wise person once said that, when preparing a goat for a parade, you should pick your event and then commence to training for its NEXT occurrence—that is, one year later. Animals need time to learn, to grow, and to relax into the hustle and bustle of these human festivities, and as I am a green-broke harness mule I figured 13 months is just right for obtaining a vehicle, learning to tolerate the jingle-jingle-jingle of sleigh bells, and adjusting to the phenomenon of cruising the neighborhood after hours with a raucous load of festive carolers. 

In the meantime, I propose a caroling circuit of Wickersham, SANS wagon, on or around December 18, 2010. I'd love to come, I may just sing, and I promise to provide companionship and a pleasing jingle. If anyone's interested, drop me a line and we'll make a solid plan.

Ears and good cheer to you!



  1. Fenway and Farmwife-

    If Val and I weren't over 3000 miles away - we'd be there with bells on... literally:)

  2. Well we would be there too - but we will whinney and sing on that day in your honor.

    Your Fren,

  3. Mother will really, really try to get there next year... 13 months ahould allow her to get one day off work, right?


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