Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Few Little Abnormalities.

There are a number of slightly odd things about the citizens of Bent Barrow Farm. Here are a few, presented at random: 1. FarmWife is deaf in her left ear; 2. Paisley the Dog is deaf in both; 3. FarmTiger Townes has some undiagnosed disfunction that gives him the gait of a drunken belly dancer; 4. I have nipples on my sheath (many mules and most donkeys do); 5. Paisley the dog has one black toe and nineteen pink ones (catch a rare glimpse of the black one in the photo above).

Nothing's perfect in this world—even my beloved (half-deaf) FarmWife has a glitchy knee. Still, though, everything here is perfectly suited to us!

FarmWife wrote a little poem on the subject this morning, and I'll share it with you (though I do usually ask her to limit her musings to her OWN blog,

My favorite car is bad at starting,
Favorite dog walks with a limp.
Favorite ear is stone-deaf, broken—
Favorite cat's a droopy gimp.

My favorite mule toes out a little,
And he has a notched-in ear,
Favorite man is nearly perfect
(shh—don't tell—he's losing hair!)

Favorite girls are prone to rashes,
Favorite book is coffee-stained,
Favorite acre tends towards muddy,
Favorite house? It needs new paint.

Nothing's perfect, that's for certain—
Nothing's perfect, s'pose it's true—
And yet I could not be more happy
with Bent Barrow's motley crew.

Ears to you, and may you be perfectly suited by the many quirky things and people in YOUR life!

Fenway Bartholomule

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