Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busy day!

The humans have had a very busy day.

1: welcoming company for lunch. This particular company is practically family, AND they think I have a beautiful nose. They said so. They also admired my rolling tactics (all the way over, and all the way back again) and my goats. Good people.

2: watching PerryGripp's channel on Youtube. You can't go wrong with Perry's cute animal numbers: "This is the best burrito I've ever eaten, yum yum yum!" Or, for variety: "Fuzzy, fuzzy, cute, cute, fuzzy, fuzzy, cute, cute." Google them, but be warned—they're catchy.

3: going to a wedding reception. I was not invited. They did not bring me cake. I was, however, discussed among the gathered company; it turns out that FarmWife was recognized several times as "the Bartholomule lady." My reputation precedes me!

4: finding out that FarmWife's book has already printed and is being bound this week! If you haven't ordered one, you should. Everyone's doing it, and it's sure to be the must-have gift of Holiday 2010.

Ears and heart,


This particular photo is not topically relevant, except in that it is "fuzzy fuzzy cute cute."

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