Monday, October 25, 2010

Three things that make my heart sing

New England white pine floor—in progress.

I feel fortunate to have identified the great mood-lifter of my life—riding. It's not the only important thing in life or even the most important thing in life, but it is the single most reliable fix for every foul mood. Riding my mule mends my heart, and when I'm worried, irritated, discontent, or restless it is just the thing to set me straight. There's no easier way to Be Here Now than to view Here from between Fenway Bartholomule's two majestic ears. 

#2—Our 1901 Farmhouse

Among the many other joys in my fabulous life, there is my home. I love it. With the hard work and determination of my carpenter husband, it's finally coming around to a state in which others can love it too. Mat and I share a common vision—an appreciation for historic homes, and a shared taste for well built things from the Shaker and craftsman traditions. I'm glad I married a man with great taste and valuable skills, not to mention one who looks fine in a toolbelt!

#3—My husband

Have I mentioned he looks fine in a toolbelt? That's just the icing on the cake. Every Monday, I miss him anew. Thanks, Mat, for fixin' the floors, for bringin' home the bacon, and for everything else you do. I love you more than ever.


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