Monday, October 18, 2010


It will have been six months next week since I created Puddle Run—establishing this blog in response to my husband's and mother-in-law's requests for updates on something other than the mule. I have been only somewhat consistent in my posting, but you—my readers—have been consistent with your support and encouragement. I am grateful.

In these six months, not much has changed. I remain happy. My health and my harvests have been good. My children grow ever brighter, ever more curious and amazing. They are well. My husband has amazed me with a few more skillful construction projects, a few beautifying changes around the house. My mule has gone lame and returned to soundness. My goats have fallen ill and recovered. My chickens have molted. My lawn has expanded. My car has been fixed.

I have become all the more convinced that I am a writer—that this is my professional life. I have made valued acquaintances through blogging—an editor who welcomes my magazine articles, a painter who is excited about illustrating my first children's book, a designer and supporter whom I've never met but whom I've come to think of warmly—as a friend. I have become sure that this is my career—what I want to be when I grow up. I've new confidence in this old adage: do what you love, and the money will follow. I'm seeing it already—emails, phone calls, opening doors. It's not a 40 hour work week yet, but my children are yet small. I'm doing what I've time for. I'm loving every minute.



  1. You ARE a writer.

  2. This reader has laughed and worried with you as you write willingly and with humor so revealingly and lovingly of the struggles, joys, worries, and observations about the goings-on on that acre in Wickersham... and of course, the mule.

    Keep on Marnie, with your gift it's not complicated at all! Only please, please, treat us again soon to a video of either Farmwife or Fenway singing.


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