Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Riding Lessons: Part II of III

Here is my Human Uncle, who came all the way from Massachusetts to ride me this weekend. I was well worth the 11 hour round trip plane ride! Poor Uncle, having brought sneakers and fitting into none of the available loaner boots, was not allowed to use the stirrups. He made do, and enjoyed his ride rather well. He thanked me wholeheartedly for my time and effort, as I thanked him for his. Graciousness is always appreciated.

Below, find a few photos of a little game we like to call "Follow the FarmWife," or in more technical terms, a demonstration of my "mule-to-master remotely guided piloting system."

Ears to you,

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  1. Fenway-

    Such a kind and generous mule, sharing your awesomeness... :)


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