Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Riding Lessons: Part I of III

Here is FarmHusband, Natural Equestrian, in his fourth ride ever and his first ride on me. #1 was a guided trail tour in his adolescence; #2 was a brief longeline session on FarmWife's old gelding; #3 was an elegant and amazing performance in a roundpen, detailed here on FarmWife's blog. FarmHusband is unpracticed, but has a secure seat and sensitive hands by some miracle of birth. He rode me so well that I condescended to impress him with a lively little trot, which he sat with more grace and flexibility than your average riding student. 

If I may add that FarmHusband is a strapping human man of more than six feet, I hope you'll note that I carried him with robust vigor despite my shy 14.1 hand height. I am a sturdy mule.

Tomorrow, look for Riding Lessons with Human Uncle, who rode me with bold enjoyment despite being handicapped by FarmWife's strict "No boot heels, no stirrups" policy. 



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