Saturday, October 16, 2010

Notes from Bent Barrow Farm

Four random little smiles from the farm:

1. Pretty new livingroom floor! New England white pine with traditional cut nails for that authentic old farmhouse vibe. It will have that authentic old farmhouse wear 'n' tear soon enough, too.

2. Silly bedraggled chicken. Confident in the knowledge that she will NEVER read this blog, I will let you join me in quietly laughing at poor moulting Thing Two. Then, slightly guilty, I will go back out to the coop, offer her a peanut, and tell her she looks beautiful. I'm guessing Thing Two cannot wait until her feathers grow back.

3. Stuffed squash. This was an emergency "nothing in the fridge, oh dear, whatever shall we eat?" kind of dinner. The meal turned out beautifully, and taught me a few things. A—you can mince fresh sage in a coffee grinder, and  B—you can get kids to eat sqash by telling them this: "She's pumpkin's baby cousin, and pumpkin would be very sad if he thought you didn't like her."

4. Grass. You don't get a lawn this green without a little rain—at least not on our zero-care, zero-irrigation, "mow it and leave it" lawn care strategy! I love this yard.


  1. Thanks for the weekend posting...what a treat! :)

  2. So is that stuffing with the squashes? Looks scrumptious!


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