Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Reason Not to Smile

Photo posted by Chai to the Chronicle of the Horse forums
I can't smile in the traditional fangs-flashing, lips-retracted fashion of the great apes, and I lack the curved-lip conformation of my caprine brethren, but I smile with the best of them in my heart of hearts. My smile starts in my stomach; aside from ear-rubs, most of my little joys are edible. Carrots, hay, and sunflower seeds. Delish.

FarmWife has been apologizing, lately, for her failure to ride me twice weekly as had been our arrangement. "I'm sorry, lovey," and, "we'll get out soon." I think she's projecting some emotion onto me that I, quite frankly, don't experience. I get my ear rubs, morning, noon, and night. I get my breakfast, I get my dinner, and I get a carrot at lunch. I get my hoofies picked most afternoons, and I get my back curried rather more often than I'd like. I get my nostrils cleaned out when they're dusty, my paddock picked over when it's mucky, and my shed raked and freshened when it's less than its best. It's all good. I love it. I've no reason not to smile.

We'll go riding soon, and FarmWife's grin will stretch ear to ear. She'll come home invigorated, thrilled, and delighted, and I'll come home well-exercised, cooled, and content. And, at the end of it, I'll be rewarded with dinner, which is just as much of a treat as anything else.  Win-win.




  1. wow...what a cute your post...really exciting....keep it up..


  2. Interesting, but here in Santa Cruz I don't think that would happen to you...

  3. Delete my remark, it sb in "winter Head"


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