Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Goat Missy

Worry no more, Missy! Upward and Onward!
You know the way animal-crazy wives will tell their husbands that they simply MUST get a puppy for Bowser in his old age, and that Bowser's decline will SURELY be halted by the arrival of a little, tumbling, pooping, peeing, biting brother? And then L'il Biscuit arrives, and Bowser leaps to his trembling legs and gambols about like a puppy again? 

Well, it happens in real life. When Missy was at her sickest several weeks ago, she couldn't rise, roll over, or move her hind legs an inch. One week ago, she was standing with effort, walking (or, rather, shuffling) with care, and remaining in isolation from Jasper Jules, who could cast her to the ground with one gentle headbutt. 

Wednesday, Missy's daughter B.G. came back to Bent Barrow Farm, and Thursday night Missy galloped. Not walked—she GALLOPED to the milking porch, sideways crab-style. She would not be left behind by this young upstart! Today, she insists on pasture freedom. She will not be confined, but paces at the gate to her shed; let loose, she canters in wild circles like a foal testing new legs. She trots into the paddock, browses with we herdmates, and goes at a flat-run to FarmWife's call. She has discovered her limitations—she cannot rear without collapsing, and she extracts herself with care from rough-and-tumble games, but 
she is a member of the herd again. 

Missy has been enjoying some turnout for several days now, and today she's enjoying more freedom than ever. Rather than tiring with the effort, she seems to improve by the hour! At breakfast, she hobbles from her bed. At lunch, she trots in from the field. By dinner, she's bounding hither and thither like a (nearly) healthy goat. 

I'll post video footage of this miracle on facebook tomorrow—in the meantime, rejoice. Your prayers and jingles have worked magic.



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