Monday, October 4, 2010

I love your comments!

I always read and enjoy each and every comment here on Brays of Our Lives. FarmWife got a bit behind this weekend, but as she's catching up we thought we'd post a few recent comments (along with my newsy responses) for all to enjoy. Buddy, Dunie, Blue Page, Sian, Valentino, Junie, Little Big Red, AnnE, and so many wonderful others—your comments are always music to my magnificent ears. Bif, today I've enjoyed catching up on your comments and questions. Ears to you all.

Bif said...
Happy birthday, FB! I, personally, don't really have a known birthday. Mother doesn't celebrate any day for me, either. And I am afraid of googling Boyfriend birthday. But I am SO glad your FW noted your birthday... I'm sure you got some extra carrots out of the deal?
Bent Barrow Farm said...
FarmWife is trying very hard not to increase my carrot rations while the goat is sick. You see, it used to be that I would see her three or four times daily and that she would have a toothsome morsel for me at least two or three of those times. Now, I'm seeing her ten or twelve times a day and she has to practice conscious restraint in order not to give me nine or ten toothsome morsels each day. I am on the more voluptuous side of perfect, you know.

And yes, Bif, I'd be careful about googling "Boyfriend birthday." I once suffered the consequences of google's auto-correction and was presented with the image results for a "male harness" search.


  1. Hay Bif - I don't have a know birthday either - so we celebrate it on January 1st - like the TB's do. That way she can't forget!

    Fenway is very lucky to have a real birth Date!

    Happy Birthday my dear Fren!

  2. Buddy,

    Mother says Nokotas have their birthdays on July 1st, since we are born in the wild, and January in North Dakota is just too cold to even think about as a birth month.

    There was a fellow in the bachelor band that was born rather early in the season.. His name was Tippy, because the tips of his ears were wrong, since they froze and broke/sloughed when he was a foal in that cold weather...

    you can see some of my cousins at if you're curious


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