Thursday, October 21, 2010

PDAs? Not my cup of tea, unless we're talking about a bit of public handholding with my own dear husband.

A public display of affection towards a hardworking horse—or four—who contributed talent and effort to your Olympic gold medal win, though? Classy. The above post, by the authors of the Glenshee Equestrian Center, drew my attention to a touching video that I too now recommend. It may be that many riders at this level experience this level of gratitude towards their mounts, but precious few of them show it to the viewing public. A little more time spent thanking the horse would serve this sport well, and this brief glimpse of Phillipe Le Jeune has cast him, for me, in a positive light. 

Now, I'm off to hug and kiss my own hoofbeasts. Excuse me!


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